Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Proposition: Morrisons in Tunbridge Wells

The new Morrisons in Tunbridge Wells will be one of the group’s first ‘stores of the future’.  It will bring all of the innovations Morrisons has been trialling in its Fresh Lab innovation stores together in one bespoke proposition – tailor-made for the Tunbridge Wells demographic. 

Morrisons in Tunbridge Wells will present a premium yet great value offer that pushes the boundaries on the range of fresh produce sold and the way it is merchandised. 

The inspiration for Tunbridge Wells has come from Morrisons Fresh Lab innovation store in Kirkstall near Leeds and its new M Local convenience stores which offer outstanding fresh produce and ‘fresh to go’ ranges.  

Morrisons is known for its exceptionally fresh produce and for delivering excellent value, made possible by its unique structure – Morrisons owns its own farm, manufacturing and packaging businesses. Morrisons also has more people preparing food in store than any other retailer including fully trained butchers, bakers and fishmongers.

Morrisons’ drive to create the ‘store of the future’ and its focus on stocking the best fresh produce coupled with a premium range has been spearheaded by new CEO, Dalton Philips, who joined the business in March 2010 after a career in international retailing.

The inspiration behind some of the innovations being trialled in the Fresh Labs stores comes from the USA and Canada, countries renowned for their emphasis on innovation and service.  With Fresh Lab, Morrisons is taking the ranging and merchandising of fresh produce to another level altogether which will see it become a destination for gourmet produce - something not seen in UK supermarkets until now.

Morrisons in Tunbridge Wells

The store will have a modern and contemporary feel.  It will have clear sight lines and be clutter free. 
Traditional produce, as well as a more exotic and unusual range, will be on offer with up to 450 different lines of fresh produce.

Morrisons supports local producers wherever it can, for example, it works with 43 different local breweries at present who supply their beers to stores within a 30-mile radius.

Fruit and vegetables: to guarantee the freshest and best quality produce for the store we would work with a number of specialist suppliers, one of which orders directly from wholesalers at New Covent Garden Market.  Produce will be presented in a market style, in low level open containers.

Wherever possible fruit and vegetables will be sold loose and, where required, kept on top of ice beds with ‘misters’ to maximise their freshness.

The Tunbridge Wells store will be modelled on our Kirkstall store near Leeds which sells ten different types of Chinese greens; nine varieties of loose tomatoes and ten types of loose mushrooms, including Italian black summer truffles – a first for one of the four big supermarkets.

Fresh to go: located opposite the railway station, the new Morrisons will have a large ‘fresh to go’ section.  Aimed at busy commuters who need to make quick purchases, it will comprise fresh coffee, freshly squeezed juice and a range of designer sandwiches, baguettes, bagels and wraps all prepared in store throughout the day.

The Butchers: a terrific array of up to 60 different varieties of fresh meat including organic lamb, beef and pork with more unusual cuts on offer in addition to traditional favourites.

The Fishmongers: up to 60 varieties of fresh fish and shellfish, including more exotic varieties.

The Florists: a dedicated area in the store with a contemporary range of fresh flowers supplied direct from one of the country’s top importers. The Florists will be able to make bouquets and prepare wedding flowers.

Deli Express: an excellent and contemporary deli offer with continental meats and cheeses from around the world.  Deli Express will also have an olive bar.

Ovenfresh: A stunning range of high-quality ‘ready meals’ and hot food as well as traditional baked produce such as 25 different hot pies.

The Bakery: up to 25 different lines in The Cake Shop and 40 varieties of bread, freshly baked in store all day, every day, including the more unusual varieties and breads made using the poolish method.

Wines and spirits: a choice of quality affordable wine as well as a robust selection of fine wines and champagnes.  Wines will be grouped according to drinking style rather than country of origin and will be conveniently located adjacent to the fresh foods.

Grocery: this will be a tailored range of items, selected to meet the needs of the Tunbridge Wells customer base.

Morrisons is still defining its offer for the Tunbridge Wells store and will announce new innovations as they are confirmed.

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