Friday, 25 November 2011

Top Ten Social Media Tips for Business Success

Unless you have been living in Siberia for the last few years (even then there is no excuse) you will know that generating a good community on your social media networks can positively help to grow your business. 

However the key is managing your time, choosing the correct platforms and ensuring your strategy is on tone and effective; if not you are completely wasting your time and efforts.  Effective social media management is a blend of art and science. Mix this together with your own special style and you can cut the time spent each day.

Check the following tips as inspiration:

1.       Check where your customers are visiting/hanging out.
2.       Choose the platforms that are right for your business.   Start with 3/4 targeted sites and then use them regularly.
3.       Remember as well as text, audio and images work effectively, generating interest and variety.
4.       VITAL!  Create a strategy and input schedule of relevant topics.
5.       Establish your goals: Connecting with existing customers, reaching new prospects, or establishing relationships with potential partners?
6.       VITAL! Monitor your time.  Imagine your minutes were money, and you will see a bigger return
7.       Ensure you are ready to make a long-term commitment to social media – otherwise it is pointless
8.       If you hate video, don’t commit to YouTube!  If you hate engaging, stop now!
9.       Blend your community, fans, friends, potential customers, influencers, etc.
10.   Make it enjoyable!  It will be much easier to get it right and see tangible success.

Try to give and receive gratefully, create value and interesting content, connect with the right people and you will see your reputation grow and business boom.

Lastly, monitor your results, analyse the findings and tweak to ensure you are moving in the right direction!

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